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Application of pellet 3D printer in furniture industry


In the traditional design methods, the prototype design takes a long time, such as design, cutting, spraying, testing and so on. These methods need skilled craftsmen to do, which is an expensive cost and the waste of materials is inevitable. With the help of 3D printing technology, designers can design more complex models and greatly reduce the waste of materials.

With the popularity of 3D printers, I can closely link design and production. For example, in the design process, the scale model data generated by household 3D printer can be directly used for the physical manufacturing of 3D printing factory to realize the perfect consistency between design and physical production. Today, FDM can be said to be the lowest budget 3D printing technology, but the cost of FGF made of particles is lower. For FGF technology, the filling and contour layered pattern hidden under the surface are the most representative features, but it is considered to be a rough defect.

The three products on display are "crown chair", "filling chair" and "folding chair".

The crown chair is a work that perfectly shows the unique contour pattern of FGF. I incorporated the layer pattern into the shape that was originally considered a defect, and the product itself. The distinct back line makes the texture of each layer more prominent and produces a unique aesthetic feeling.

The filling chair is an internal filling that shows a 3D printed model. FGF technology will produce mesh filling structure in the model during printing. Coupled with the translucency of polylactic acid material, the internal filling can be seen through the outer wall of the finished product. However, this filling is often regarded as a low completion effect, so I use design means to transform it into its unique visual language and make it naturally integrate into the product.

Folding chair is another attempt to extend FGF to FDM technology. FGF has faster printing speed and higher strength, which is very suitable for printing furniture in larger sizes. In order to reflect the efficiency of this printing method, I designed the lines on one side as freely stacked silk, which is as simple and fast as stacking silk.

The era of digital customized furniture is coming. Among all 3D printing technologies, making furniture with pellet 3D printer is a lower cost, more efficient and environment-friendly manufacturing method.