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Application of pellet 3D printer in furniture making


There are more and more demands for personalization and customization in the furniture industry, and such demands are generally more complex and urgent. If traditional craftsmanship is used, the production cost will be high and the time-consuming will be longer. However, the application of 3D printing technology makes up for these shortcomings, which can simplify the process of furniture processing wood, shorten the production cycle of furniture, reduce a lot of processing time, save labor and material costs, and save environmental protection and materials.

Today we use the large-scale pellet 3D printer G12 of Piocreat3D to make this art chair. The maximum size of the chair is 80cm, and the printing size of G12 is 1.2*1*1 meter, which can meet the printing needs, and at the same time, in order to meet the hardness and strength requirements of the chair , we chose PETG and glass fiber consumables with small deformation for printing. Next we get to work.

First, we need to import the designed model into the slicing software, set the slicing parameters,Then export the print file. Then copy the print file to the U disk, insert it into the G12 U disk interface, select the file, and click print. If you have a model or you can model it yourself, the entire operation process is very simple. Finally, during the printing process, we can be busy with other things, or check the progress from time to time,Basically wait a few hours for the model to be printed.

This is the printed chair, and the complex structure can also be formed in one piece, and no other subsequent processing is required. The material consumed by the finished chair is 14 kilograms, the cost is about 90 dollar, and the printing time is 5 hours. In the traditional industry, the roduction cycle of such a complex furniture model is at least 2 weeks, and the cost is far more than a few hundred dollar, and such a complex structure may not necessarily be made. However, a large number of complex shapes,Furniture shapes that are difficult to mold, such as curved surface modeling, can be realized by 3D printing, and the advanced rapid prototyping process will not generate waste materials, which can greatly reduce costs.