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Application of 3D printer in teaching and scientific research | Piocreat


After 2014, 3D printing attracted worldwide attention. At that time, it was said that 3D printing technology was an emerging technology leading the third industrial revolution. Especially in the education industry, 3D printing technology has brought new development opportunities to the education industry. In recent years, many schools have explored innovative teaching models and integrated 3D printing system with teaching system. On the one hand, 3D printer can improve students' advantages in mastering technology and improve students' scientific and technological literacy. On the other hand, the three-dimensional model printed by 3D printer can significantly improve students' design and creation ability. At present, SLA and FDM are the most commonly used 3D printing technologies in teaching. Then, let's take a look:

1.Off campus training

At present, out of school training is a popular way of learning. Many primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities encourage students to participate in or even organize such interesting development courses and activities.
Colleges and universities are mostly carried out in the form of associations to make use of their spare time to better enrich students' life and enhance the feelings between students, while primary and secondary schools can enrich students' life and increase the interaction between parents, teachers and children. 3D printing is suitable for this way from technology to operation and timeliness, and it is also conducive to attracting students' interest.

2.Teaching application in primary and secondary schools

With the popularization of quality education, more and more primary and secondary schools pay attention to the cultivation of knowledge and skills. 3D printing is remarkable in this aspect from application to effect. It realizes the combination of textbooks and applications to facilitate children's understanding. At the same time, it improves children's hands-on ability, cooperation ability and so on through the form of design, printing and production, which is also conducive to stimulating children's learning fun.


3.College Teaching Application

Now, more and more colleges and universities have begun to establish maker laboratories. Our 3D printers have entered more and more college classes. This is based on the cultivation of future technical talents. Colleges and universities also pay more and more attention to the combination of technology and knowledge, bid farewell to the traditional way of education, give students more open education and learning, and make textbook knowledge more effectively applied to practice.

4.Scientific research and development

3D printing technology is also mostly used in scientific research in major universities, which depends on the convenience of 3D printer operation. It is more in line with the university research environment, convenient for students to use, and faster and more efficient from design to production to achievement.