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Application of 3D printing in sculpture art | Piocreat


We all know that 3D printing technology is a high-end technology leading the third industrial revolution. In our inherent cognition, many people think that most industrial factories or manual enthusiasts need 3D printing technology, and few people can associate it with sculpture art. So, Piocreat 3D will show you what sparks will be generated by the combination of sculpture art and 3D printing:

Sculpture combined with 3D printing

The progress of the times is always accompanied by scientific and technological innovation. Now the rapid development of 3D printing technology is a high-tech computer engraving technology, which has been widely used in many fields. In the art field, 3D printing technology is not uncommon. As we all know, 3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology. Compared with manual sculpture, the advantage of 3D printer is that it can achieve a very regular, complex and accurate image, and is very convenient for equal scale amplification and reduction. Because sculptors use this new technology to combine it with their own creative needs, it will simplify some too difficult and heavy work.


Visual art combined with 3D printing

Perhaps the most obvious art form using 3D printing technology is visual art. Art installations and sculptures for 3D printing can be found in many places. 3D printing gives these artists more freedom to create complex structures that were once almost impossible to make, or very time-consuming and difficult. It also delivers the power of creation to artists because they do not need special skills to make 3D prints, but only some CAD design know-how and 3D printers.

Music combined with 3D printing

3D printing art is not limited to museum installations - artists from different art disciplines have found ways to use 3D printing in their field. With the rise of 3D printing technology, musicians will soon see their instruments and tools made more finely and faster than before.

Dramatic art combined with 3D printing

Drama is a broad art discipline, and they can really take advantage of the advantages provided by 3D printing. Since buildings and houses can now be printed in 3D, the drama industry decided to use this technology to print their own "houses" in the form of fixtures and props. No matter how fine the design is, you can now make difficult clothes in a few hours. Obviously, from set design to costume, the theater industry is applauding every printed work.

Power supply combined with 3D printing

Cinematography also uses 3D technology in a considerable number of its branches. Because 3D printing can achieve accurate design and perfect end products, there is no doubt that this industry is a fan of this technology. Printing replacement parts of damaged equipment is faster than ordering original replacement parts. Printing freeze frame animation is more attractive than traditional and arduous methods.