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The First 14K Resin 3D Printer For Beginners


Piocreat C01 is a powerful 14K LCD 3D printer designed with a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 13320 * 5120. Precision is guaranteed to produce models with smooth, angular edges. The horizontal axis pixels measure a tiny 16.8 * 24.8 microns, making the C01 ideal for high-precision 3D printing.


But wait, there's more! C01 comes with some awesome highlights:

14K Exquisite Details
10.1-inch mono LCD screen
Piocreat C01 adopts a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD scireen,with a screen resolution of 13320 * 5120. The horizontal axis pixels are 16.8 * 24.8 um, and theprinted model is angular with the support of ultra-high precision.

LCD Integral light source
The integral light source has greatly improved the uniformity and light source life on the basis of traditional light sources.

Anti-UV flip-up hood design
Two-way anti-UV light, blocking rate of 405nm wavelength UV light reaches 99.95% Flip-top design saves fliping operation space.

Multiple scenes and surprises
Highly replicate your creativity and imagination