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The advantages of jewelry 3D printers in the jewelry industry | Piocreat


As a 3D printing technology that has been applied in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years, what advantages does it have to make the jewelry industry favor this technology so much? Now let's take stock of the advantages of jewelry 3D printers over traditional manufacturing in the jewelry industry:

First, shorten the production cycle and quickly respond to the market

The traditional jewelry manufacturing industry responds slowly to market changes. The supply chain generally takes 5 ~ 10 months to respond to the market heat. The hot search explosion point of the Internet is fleeting. Using the big data and 3D lightweight browsing technology, customers can place orders through the online customization platform system, establish a 3D model, modify the data deviation in real time, and confirm the rendering effect, The use of 3D printing technology for rapid production and listing has truly realized zero inventory sales.


Second, greatly improve the intelligent production level of the jewelry industry chain

3D printing technology reduces the compression of flat links in jewelry design and production, and reduces the time and cost of jewelry design and production. At the same time, VR technology allows consumers to better experience jewelry. Through ar hardware sensor and human-computer interaction, 3D printing can confirm samples through virtual trial and rapid mass production.

Third, digital production is exquisite and accurate, which solves the manufacturing problem of complex structure

Compared with traditional manufacturing, complex structures cannot be completed by hand, and 3D printing technology can make up for this artificial "hard injury". 3D printing technology uses computer technology to establish a three-dimensional model and import the system digital production according to the demand. It can quickly produce high-precision and complex process jewelry that cannot be realized by traditional manufacturing, which is conducive to the development of advanced customization, seize the high-end market and improve customer satisfaction.


Fourth, reduce labor and production costs

3D printing omits relevant steps such as prototype making and mold making, greatly reduces the production period and material cost, and has the advantages of simple operation, rapid prototyping, high precision, saving raw materials and reducing losses. At the same time, 3D scanning is combined with CAD reverse design software to greatly improve the design efficiency, rapid iteration and enhance the product competitiveness.