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  • D158 Dental DLP 3D Printer
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  • D158 Dental DLP 3D Printer
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D158 Dental DLP 3D Printer

Piocreat D158 Digital DLP 3D printer for dental,  high speed release film,Stable z-axis structure design to print less layers and smoother surface models,Texas instrument digital micromirror technology, light engine provides light uniformity up to 95%.

Automatically open the cover after printing to free hands and prevent dirt. Fully meet printing requirement of dental, jewelry, prototyping and others.

Free printed models available
To check and feel printing quality of Piocreat printers by yourself. Free models available.

Product Parameter
Print size
Machine size
Pixel Dimensions
Maximum printing speed
Print layer thickness
Touch screen
5-inch color touch screen
Support consumables
405nm dental, jewelry, washing
and other photosensitive resin
Connection method
Z axis type
double linear guide + ball screw
Z-axis precision
Rated power
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  • How To Make Restoration Dental Model By DJ89 LCD 3D Printer?
    High precision, personalized and consistent with the standardized production chain dental data generated by combining digital dental technology. The dental restoration can be accurately completed and the treatment cost can be reduced by using the DJ89 dental 3D printer and restoration dental mold resin to make the patient's dental model. Restorative dental mold resin is a kind of resin used for customized dental models. It is a material with low skin irritation, allergy and biocompatibility. With its low shrinkage, it can accurately print the size of dental mold, and the model has high reduction degree, which is not easy to deform.This is the restoration dental mold printed by the restoration dental mold resin. The dental mold has high precision and good scratch resistance after post curing treatment. Even if it is removed or replaced repeatedly, it will not cause wear on the contact surface.
  • How To Make Invisible Orthodontic Braces By DJ89 LCD 3D Printer?
    Orthodontic dental mold is a model used in orthodontic field, which is convenient for making invisible braces. First, we get the three-dimensional model of teeth through oral scanning, then we print out the mother mold with piocreat DJ89 LCD dental 3D printer, then press and carve the dental mold, and finally make the invisible orthodontic braces.
  • How To Make Invisible Temporary Crown By DJ89 LCD 3D Printer?
    Today, I would like to introduce you to the whole process of making a smart and convenient digital temporary crown: Firstly, instead of use the traditional silicone rubber mold, use a 3D oral scanner to collect directly the patient’s oral situation for 3 minutes; Then, import the collected data into the computer, use the software to design the dental crown model, this process takes about 5 minutes; Finally, use a PioNext Resin dental 3D printer and a biocompatible resin to print the dental crown. The crown can finish the printing and give it to the patient within 20 minutes.
  • How To Make Implant Surgery Guide By DJ89 LCD 3D Printer?
    implant surgery guide resin.The application of light technology and planting plates also provides a planting solution for the application of the promotional film, and its non-guide plate application can predict the restoration results. The advertising board can provide a better solution for the advertising planting industry. Resin board is made of low-density skin-irritating and low-transparency resin. This resin has low decomposition/guided biological properties/high cracking/high hardness and firmness (surgical fixation, etc.), and it is not easy to achieve performance. Guide plate and other related use, resin adaptation and related use.This is how to make a surgical guide, print clearly visible, restore the size of the operation, high definition, and effectively print the size of the operation guide.