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G12 Industrial FGF Pellet 3D Printer
G12 Industrial FGF Pellet 3D Printer

G12 Industrial FGF Pellet 3D Printer
G12 Industrial FGF Pellet 3D Printer
G12 is a large industrial 3D printer based on the FGF (fused granulate fabrication) technology, which is similar to FDM 3D printing and shares the same material extrusion principle. The difference lies in the form of plastics used for printing. While FDM machines print with filaments, FGF 3D printers build parts with granular material, or pellets.

The extrusion screw rotates and melts the pellets into a homogeneous mass which is forced through a nozzle under the pressure. Plastic pellets are the material for producing FDM filaments, so printing directly with granules greatly reduces the production costs.
Product ParameterPrinting Size: 1200*1000*1000mm
Molding Tech: FGF
Nozzle Number: Single Nozzle
Slice Thickness: 0.2~1.5mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.6~6mm
Particles Diameter: 2~5mm
Pellets: PLA/PETG/ABS/PC/TPU/PVC/PC+ABS/PETG+GF/PP+GF/PA+GF/ABS+CF/PC+CF/TPE/ PLA+CF/PA+CF and other composite materials
File Format: STL、OBJ、AMF、3DMF
File Transfer: USB/Storage card
Bed Temp: ≤150℃
Nozzle Temp: ≤450℃
Language: English/Chinese
Computer Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 MAC/Linux
Printing Speed: 80~100mm/s
Rated Power: 7.0KW
Machine Size: 2200x1780x2250mm
Product Features
Why choose FGF pellet 3D printer?New experience of industrial pellet 3D printing
  • More cost-effective
    Material cost, time cost and labor cost
    are all lower
  • Faster printing speed
    New-generation nozzle printing components
    optional 0.6-6.0 nozzle
  • Better material properties
    Direct use of original material
    all material properties intact
  • More environmentally friendly
    3D printable with pellets and shredded recycled plastic

Screw nozzle design
Nozzle maximum temperature 450℃,Flexible selection of 0.6-6.0mm diameter nozzles,for fast and stable printing

If there is a sudden power failure or material failure, the current printing task will automatically stop, and the printing can be continued after power-on or refilling, saving materials and keeping running at any time.

chamber temperature control
The chamber temperature environment of 60 °C, the printing effect is better, and the toughness of the printed part is enhanced.

Multi-pellet printing:PLA / PETG / PVC / ABS / PC / TPU / PC+ABS / PETG+GF / PP+GF / PA+GF / ABS+CF / PC+CF / TPE / PLA+CF / PA+CF and other composite materials.

Introduction to the printing processMulti-pellet printing
FGF pellet 3D printer applicationMulti-material, high-speed, low-cost, including R&D and production of printing materials and 3D intelligent equipment of the whole industry chain, serving the world.
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