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  • G40 Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing Integrated Machine
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  • G40 Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing Integrated Machine
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G40 Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing Integrated Machine
Screw 3D printing and CNC five-axis manufacturing integrated. By 3D printing to print the work piece closed to the final size and contour, then the final size is achieved by milling the processing speed is faster, the cost is lower, and the material is more efficient to use. The integrated manufacturing of adding and subtracting materials is an ideal solution for forming large sized work pieces.

Large working space

Working space: 3725×2500×1330mm. The internal temperature is constant at 35-50 °C,which fully meets the need of various large parts.

Workbench design

Can be divided into 6 independently controlled heating table. According to the printed model, zone heating control can be selective, avoid effectively electricity wasting, and improves the stability of the bottom layer of the printing model.

High flow screw extrusion design

Equipped with 3-8mm large flow screw extrusion nozzle. The maximum printing speed can reach 100kg/h. To ensuring the stability and accuracy of the gantry (±0.02mm/1000mm), the printing speed is 10m/min and the processing speed is 15m/min.

High-speed and high-precision five-axis head

Equipped with 8.5KW/24000 high-speed hvct. Using precision five-axis head, A axis + 120°C, C axis + 320°C, machinable with plastic, carbon fiber and non-ferrous metals.

Wide range of printing materials

Can meet the application needs of different fields. It is suitable for printing all kinds of thermoplastic particles, special mixtures materials, and ceramics and metal materials. Supports a variety of fiber composite thermoplastic polymer materials

Application field

Applied in various fields. Suitable for producing large to very large thermoplastic materials parts,molds, models and industrial tools, etc. Widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, wind power, yacht and ship, home life, urban landscape and other composite materials field.

Product ParameterPrinting Size:3725*2500*1330mm
Particles Diameter:2-5mm
Machine Size:5962*4220*4800mm
Maximum Extrusion Volume:100kg/h
Precision and Repeatability:0.018/1000mm
Molding Tech:FGF
Bed Temp:≤200℃
Nozzle Temp:≤450℃
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