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K8 Channel Letter 3D Printing Machine - Piocreat
K8 Channel Letter 3D Printing Machine - Piocreat

K8 Channel Letter 3D Printing Machine - Piocreat
K8 Channel Letter 3D Printing Machine - Piocreat
3D printing luminous letters can effectively solve the problems of complex manufacturing process, high production cost, long cycle, unenvironmental protection, and large process limitations encountered by traditional advertising characters;
Product ParameterSupported operating systems:  Win10/Win8/Win7
Filament:  PMMA/PETG/PLA/PDS(opaque/translucent)
XY axis positioning accuracy:  0.02mm
Print size:  800*800*85mm
Nozzle diameter 0.6/0.8/1.2mm
Layer thickness 0.1-0.6mm
Maximum hotbed temperature  80℃
Maximum hotend temperature 245℃
Number of nozzles:  single
Filament diameter:  1.75mm
Power voltage: AC 220V
Rated power 1.8KW
Machine size 1222*1130*700mm
Packing size 1350*1350*720mm
Machine weight 65KG
Product Features
Why choose a luminous letter 3D printer?You just imagine that K6 is responsible for implementing
  • 3 standardized processes make it easy
    to make letters
  • 1 person controls 20 machines at the same time, the cost is reduced by 50%
  • Compared to mini luminescence word,
    the same investment, the income is tripled
  • 8 kinds of side shapes
    + N kinds of panel crafts + 4 ways to light up

Larger printing area to meet your different creative needs

Leveling is too troublesome, use it to solve
Using imported leveling sensor, printing without warping, the success rate is as high as 98%, no need to worry about material waste

In the event of a sudden power failure/material outage, the current printing task will be automatically stopped, and the printing can be continued after power-on/refilling,save material and improve the printing success rate.

No need for 3D modeling, import professional software. Generate 3D files, slice simple speed blocks.

Introduction to the printing processPrinting Side Combination Panels/Baseplates~Engraved baseplate/glue-filled panel~Light strips, assembly
Channel Letter 3D Printer ApplicationFocus on the channel letter 3D Printed sign industry, provide one-stop solutions for channel letter 3D Printed signs, including the R&D and production of advertising materials for the entire industry chain and advertising intelligent equipment, based on the advertising industry, serving the world.
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