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Pellet 3D Printing G12 0.8m Wood carving Art 


What is Pellet 3D Printing?

Also known as fused Pellet modeling (FGM) or direct extrusion, printing with material in pellet form isn’t brand new, but it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity driven by the growing demand for larger 3D printers and interest in throwing less plastic waste into the environment. Not only can the printers we feature below print with economical industrial pellets but also almost any type of single-source plastic waste, once you chop it up.

Pellet additive manufacturing or pellet 3D printing, sometimes known as fused granulate fabrication (FGF), is a variant of fused deposition modeling (FDM, or FFF for fused filament fabrication) that uses pellets as feed stock instead of filament.

Although filament is suitable for most 3D printing applications, pellet 3D printing has carved out a niche in prototyping and large-format printing, where it can offer important advantages such as lower costs and faster builds.



FDM 3d printer

FGF VS FDM 3d printer

lower material cost

all matertial properties intact

faster printing speed

feed continuously

more suitable for printing large objects

3d printable from pellets and shredded recylceld plastic

Material cost is higher

the material will lose some of its original properties

less material malted in the same amount of time

can't suitable for printing small objects

cannot directly use recylced materialed for 3d printing

You can even purchase plastic waste, or recycled plastic pellets and shreds, in addition to almost any other kind of manufacturing plastic. In fact, available pellets range from PLA all the way to high-temperature, engineering-grade thermoplastics, such as reinforced Nylon and PEEK. PLA/PETG/PVC/ABS/PC/TPU/PC+ABS/PETG+GF/PP+GF/PA+GF/ABS+CF/PC+CF/TPE/PLA+CF/PA+CFPellet printing doesn’t limit your material options, it may broaden them since there are plastics only available in pellet form.

Industrial Pellet Printing

With 1200x1000x1000mm build volume and enclosed chamber design, Pionext G12 unleashes your creation to the fullest extent. No matter whether it is large model, or mass production, it can be competent. So, with our FGF pellets 3d printers, not only can you print with all kinds of materials, but also with the big print size that will be able to print whatever you want. Such as, There is modle of  Wood carving Art to used pellet machine G12 printing by Nanjing University of Technology . it’s very looks like life to live,and very beautiful and high precision.

G12 Case modle

Carving Art 

Vas Arts